Brazil has a long history of symphonic and opera composers. Villa Lobos and Carlos Gomes are some of the great names that managed to reach wide alccaim in Europe and the USA. Villa Lobos arrived in Europe saying he had not come to learn, but to teach. Gomes was the first non-European composer to be successful in the restricted environment of the Golden Age of Italian opera. A fact that is made more remarkable due to the composer’s humble background and dark skin from his mixed ethnical background.

In recent years  composer João MacDowell has been bringing new life to Brazilian Symphonic music and opera. His compositions provide a unique blend of traditional Latin American rhythms, pop influences, contemporary orchestral techniques and a cutting edge harmonic language. Mostly, the composer has been responsible for bringing new life to the concert halls with a style that is pregnant in memorable and exciting melodies, a style that will capture the attention of the untrained listeners while providing layers of depth to the specialist.



João MacDowell’eye through Bergman’s lenses.  –  Photo by Juliana Katz



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